Will You Be Covered In The Next Earthquake?

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MayBlogUnfortunately, there have been many recent earthquakes that have literally shaken up the lives of many around the world. From Nepal to California, the buzz about earthquakes is always present. With California expected to encounter “the big one” any day now, it is important to know just how protected you and your property are.

Movement Exclusions

A typical home insurance plan will not cover the damages caused by earthquakes. Even though your plan might state that it is “all-risk”, it is important to check the details of your home insurance plan. Most plans exclude the damages caused by shifting or earth movements. Even if you are searching for an earthquake or a natural disaster plan, there are still specific movements or damages that are not covered, no matter how much you are willing to pay. Some of the most common movements that are excluded in regular insurance plans are:

  • Sinking – After an earthquake has struck, there may be damages to the pipes under your home. This can cause water to leak and moisten the soil. Your home can begin to sink or settle into the ground, which can lead to structural, integrity, and other damages.
  • Rising – This is the exact opposite of sinking. In some cases, when a pipe is damaged and water begins to leak, it may cause the soil your home is built on to expand. This can cause cracking and foundational damages.
  • Shifting – As you may know, when an earthquake strikes, the ground beneath your home can shift in a variety of different ways. This can cause rips, tears, and cracks in the foundation of your home and in the earth’s foundation.
  • Expanding – Expanding goes hand in hand with rising. This term is used to make a broader generalization of a problem that can occur after an earthquake.
  • Contracting – This is also similar to the previous exclusions. This handles any kind of shrinking that can happen from an earthquake. This term is also used to broaden the exclusions of what you are covered for.

Exclusions are inevitable in any insurance plan. It is important to finely comb through your plan to ensure you home is covered in the event of an earthquake.

How To Get The Right Coverage

In California, earthquakes are more present than in any other state. In home insurance plans, the agent is required to offer earthquake insurance. This will make the sole responsibility set on the buyer’s shoulders to either accept or reject the coverage.

This coverage is not common in the US in general. In California, a specialized insurance agent will help you choose the right home insurance plan that covers a variety of earth-related movement damages. It is important that you review the exact movements that are covered and excluded in your home insurance plan so you understand what you will be responsible for, financially, in the case of an earthquake. When an earthquake strikes, we are given no warning. Knowing that you and your family are protected when a life-changing earthquake happens will give you the peace of mind you need when you need it most.


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