Travel InsuranceTravel The World With Confidence

At MCD Insurance, we want all of our members to be relaxed and have the time of their lives when they travel. Whether you're sipping PiƱa Coladas on the beaches of Mexico or climbing Mount Everest in Nepal, know that you and your assets are covered.

Understanding Travel Insurance

At MCD Insurance, we offer comprehensive travel insurance plans that will help you feel protected all over the world. With MCD, both health insurance and insurance for belongings, lost luggage, unforeseen conflicts with scheduling are covered. We want to help you keep your money in your pockets if unexpected expenses arise.

There are many travel insurance plans that can help you stay protected wherever you are. A few of the most common plans are:

  • Single Trip
    Single trip travel insurance covered pre-existing conditions for medical services that will last for up to 6 months of traveling.
  • Long Term International
    Crew members, missionary and long-term employment often use this policy working overseas. Long-term international policies are customizable plans that cover medical expenses and protects assets.
  • International Student
    If you or your student is studying in another country, an international student plan will cover medical expenses and assets in other countries.
  • Trip Cancellation
    If you are constantly traveling with an ever-changing schedule, a trip cancellation or protection policy will help you protect your vacation investment.

Travel the world with confidence with a travel insurance plan by MCD Insurance. Our agents will find the right plan based upon your travel needs. Contact us today to get a no obligations quote on your policy today!


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